About us

As you have taken the splendid decision to pursue a career as a Chef/Cook. We’re here to help you fulfil your dream job.

What are we about?

Cheef is a technology company that connects local consumers and local cooks/chefs. We aim to provide our customers with healthy meals straight from your kitchen. Cheef’s innovative Food service solutions enhance your success by transforming your business, and our community. Our services allows the ease of collaborations between a customer and a service provider to achieve a desired and well deserved meal whenever and wherever. Not only are our services tailored to meet the needs of our clients but also our chefs. Cheef’s target to all our clients is to make your chef search fast, easy and successful with little to no discomfort.

Mission statement

Cheef services bridges the gap between the community and technology, in other to better create an environment of better relations in food service economy.

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Cooks and chefs

Get paid from several cooking tasks upon joining Cheef.

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We are open to partnerships that grows our community, Kindly reach out to us.